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When you rent to SHELTER, Inc., you can be assured that our team of property management professionals will treat your property as our own. We are committed to providing you the best service, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands. There is no cost to you to participate in this program. Please read below for more about the benefits of renting to SHELTER, Inc.

Click here and fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a housing provider for SHELTER, Inc. 

Landlords, please contact our Housing Resource Team at to learn more about renting to SHELTER, Inc.

For client services please call (925) 338-1038.


  • Guaranteed Rent

    We pay the rent on time and directly to you. One of the major problems property owners face is getting the rent paid on time from their tenants. With SHELTER, Inc. as your tenant, the rent is guaranteed each month during the lease term.

  • Dedicated Property Management

    The day-to-day responsibilities will be assigned to a Property Specialist at SHELTER, Inc. who will be responsible for property inspections and tenancy monitoring. Property Specialists also work closely with the participants’ case managers and/or other designated service providers.

  • Guaranteed Damage Repairs

    SHELTER, Inc. will repair any damages caused by our program participants who sublease the units.

  • Screened Tenants

    We conduct background checks, and program participants must meet our tenant selection criteria before approval is given to reside in our master leased units.

  • Minimum Lease of One Year

    Most programs are funded under one-year contracts, allowing SHELTER, Inc. to master lease for the same period of time. In most cases, renewals are usually granted, allowing us to continue leasing the unit.

  • No Marketing Costs

    With SHELTER, Inc. as your direct tenant paying regular monthly rent, there is no need to market your unit.

“SHELTER, Inc. makes it easy to give back. The agency has always resolved any tenant issues, and I get to visit my property and know that the residents have really embraced it as their home. They have a sense of ownership, and they seem to have a smile on their faces.” -Lee Moniz, Landlord