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Other Donation Items

We accept a variety of household items listed here as well as the items listed below. If you do not see information about an item you are interested in donating, please contact Yareth Rodriguez at (925) 957-7561.

Car donations

SHELTER, Inc. accepts most vehicles, running or not, which are then sold. The proceeds from sales, after related expenses, help SHELTER, Inc. work toward its mission. Please call Car Donation Services, Inc. directly at 1 (888) 686-4483 and tell them you'd like to donate a vehicle to SHELTER, Inc. Click here to submit information about your vehicle online.

Car Donation Services is licensed by the State Attorney General’s office, bonded and insured, and complies with all tax reporting requirements.


The residual amount left on your BART tickets, whether five cents or five dollars, will be redeemed at face value. Please mail them to SHELTER, Inc., Attn: Stephanie Harrison, P.O. Box 5368, Concord CA 94524.


We do not accept furniture.