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Hikers can choose from 4 trails of varying difficulties all starting at Macedo Ranch Staging Area. 

Easy Trail

Miles: 2.4 miles Elevation: ~400 ft 
Time: 1 hour (Out and back)

This family-friendly hike starts at Macedo Ranch with a pleasant trek on the rolling hills up to China Wall.  At the wall, you’ll find fun family-friendly activities, including the popular make-your-own trail mix bar. Enjoy views of Mt. Diablo’s summit and scramble on the rocks before heading back to the start. 

Moderate Trail

Miles: 5.2 Elevation: ~900 ft
Time: 2 hours (Loop trail)

This hike starts at Macedo Ranch and branches off toward little Yosemite Valley where you’ll enter Castle Rock State Park. From here, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the park’s unique rock features from the shaded trail. You’ll loop around and begin the climb back toward Macedo Ranch, where you’ll meet up with the easy trail. Take a break at China Wall and enjoy the popular make-your-own trail mix bar before heading back to the start.

Challenging Trail

Miles: 8.4 Elevation: ~2,000 ft
Time: 3-4.5 hours (Loop trail)

From Macdeo Ranch, you’ll trek up Wall Point Road to warm up your quads, but the rewards are worth it. You get to see parts of Mt. Diablo only visible from the trails. When you turn off at BBQ Terrace, descend gradually along shady Pine Canyon. Hit Dusty Road for a final uphill challenge, then stroll back to the start and catch a ride to the party.

Summit Trail 

Miles: 6.7 miles Elevation: ~3,200 ft 
Time: 4-5 hours (One way)

This is no Sunday stroll in the park. Be prepared for a taxing hike! With over 3,000 foot elevation gain, you’ll be trekking uphill with almost every step. The rewards are great, with views of the Diablo Valley and changing terrains. With training and persistence, you’ll celebrate when you reach the summit. Bragging rights will be yours.