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9 Tips for Reaching Your Fundraising Goal

1. The Early Bird Catches the Worm – Get started early! The sooner you set up your fundraising page and start asking, the sooner you'll reach your goal! Need help setting up your page? Check out our sample Fundraising Page Messages and Sample Letter/Email.  

2. Don't Be Afraid to Ask – Tell your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, workout buddies, church or group members about Hike for SHELTER and ask them to donate to your fundraising efforts. You'll be suprised by how many will be happy to help! 

3. “Love Thy Neighbor”- hood –  Ask local businesses if they're interested in helping you support SHELTER, Inc. There are many ways local businesses can help, from giving a monetary donation or a gift card (which you can raffle off if you have a fundraising event) to placing a donation box in their establishment and choosing a day to dedicate a percentage of the sales to you.

4. The Simpler the Better – Make donating as easy as one click! When you register to hike, a fundraising page will automatically be set up for you, so you can accept online credit card donations. 

5. The Dollar Impact – Tell your friends and family how their donation will make an impact on homelessness.  For example, your ultimate goal may be to raise $5,000,  but you can communicate this to people by telling them your goal is to help five families facing homelessness stay in their homes. For more examples, look through our  Impact of Your Dollar article. 

6. Time is Money! - Turn in check donations as soon as possible so SHELTER, Inc. can process them and send out formal acknowledgement letters. Track your totals both online and offline. For information on how to submit cash donations, click How to Submit Your Donations.

7. Be Gracious – Send thank you letters/emails immediately, letting people know how much progress you've made toward your goal. SHELTER, Inc. will also send out formal acknowledgement letters to your donors, online and offline, for tax purposes.

8. Keep Track – Write your last name, first name, the word “Hike” on every check you receive. Photocopy all donor forms and checks before sending them in to SHELTER, Inc. for processing. You will want to have this information, especially addresses for thank you notes.

9. Get Creative – If you follow steps 1 – 8 and don’t quite reach your minimum, don’t fret! Consider supplementing your letter campaign with a garage sale, raffle, party or other event. We can help you brainstorm what fundraising activities will work best for you. For help on fundraising events, contact Chris Flitter at with the SUBJECT: Fundraising Help.